Whoa – time flies but the result is my startup making tangible improvements in the care sector across multiple markets. Here’s my farewell letter:

Dear Sekoia

We’ve known each other for more than 6 ½ years. The first time I met you, you were this competent but helpless infant without employees, offices, products or clients. But you had a name, a lot of loving Fathers, myself included, and the ambition to improve the care sector with a technology platform and a new perspective.

Being the toddler you were back then, you had your share of wins and bruises. You got your first product and client within the first year, things started taking off and hope was on the rise. Then you lost financial backing from your bank at a time when you needed it the most. Banks spoiled the Summer Holidays and Pizza-money saved the day (thanks, first investor).

I can’t say that you surprised me during your teenage years either. I mean, you did everything we could expect: Your income increased, but so did your expenses. You wanted to leave the nest and explore the big, big world (OK, here’s more travel money). But you brought back new clients, employees, cultural nuances and a broader perspective. You found your place in the world and the world found you.

You were still a classic teen, though. With long uncontrollable limbs, sometimes a bit clumsy and your voice cracking up.

Flash forward till today and your daily routines are lot more streamlined now. You’re becoming an insightful young, proud, efficient and helpful woman (yes, I think you are a woman).

We continue to delight clients in all our markets and make a huge difference for so many people – everyday. I am immensely proud of what we’ve accomplished.

Since our humble beginnings in a backyard, I have spend more than six and half years commercializing and internationalizing our startup – and truly had a blast with clients and our team. And now it’s time for a curious soul like me to move on and change perspectives.

I will still be a part of Sekoia and will continue to serve the Board of our company. And join the company parties, mind you 🙂

So in the words of Buzz Lightyear:

“To infinity and beyond…”

I will be looking for other areas of life that is in dire need of both improvement and a healthy dose of entrepreneurial spirit.

Co-Father Brian